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Instant podcasts of every article

Playpost transforms every article on the web into audio using industry-leading high-quality voices. So you can listen to it just like Podcasts and Audiobooks.

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The internet is full of interesting long read articles, but you don't always have the time to sit down and read them. Reality is: We commute. We drive. We walk. We cycle. We workout. We do our everyday chores.

What if you could just listen to articles? With Playpost you can!

Playpost voices

Sounds natural

240+ naturally sounding voices by Artificial Intelligence

The most advanced text to speech synthesis solutions to speak text to you and sound natural and pleasant to listen to. Personalize the experience by using a variety of voices.

Listen to samples

Voice customization

Male ánd female voices, with different accents like British, American or Australian.

Multiple languages

Our goal is supporting all major languages, even yours.

Easy to use

Just like a playlist, but for articles

In Playpost a article is just a playlist item like a track on Spotify. Or a Podcast in the Podcasts app.

  • Press play to listen to articles
  • Archive already listened articles
  • Favorite your favorites for future reference
  • Playback controls in full view
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"The voices are human like so you feel like you listen to the news. Now I won't waste my time reading articles; otherwise I listen to them while driving. Brilliant! I would strongly recommend it."


Apple App Store review

"Such a clever idea and nice app, I love it!"


Apple App Store review

"Gamechanger! Listening to an article is a very simple and a smooth process. I've only used text to speech translations a long time ago and it sounded too much like a robot, but this definitely exceeded my expectations!"


Apple App Store review

"Reading any text article as a podcast through an easy to use app 👌"


Apple App Store review

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