Playpost will stop its service on the 25th of December 2020

About our Crawler

You probably noticed "PlaypostCrawler/1.0" is coming up in your server logs or analytics software. It's our friendly little crawler to get information about links people share in Playpost.

Current Crawler User Agent

PlaypostCrawler/1.0 (+

About this crawler

Playpost is a service that allows users to save article's to their personal playlist and then create audio of that article. So they can listen to articles, instead of reading them.

The crawler is part of how Playpost works. It involves crawling the user's saved articles to retrieve information such as the title, description, content, images and other article related data so the system can show the user information about the article.

Playpost does not save any aticle data unless a particular user requests it. That said, the article data is only available for the user that saved it through Playpost’s service.

Need assistence?

If you have any questions or concerns about any links or content saved by one of our users, please contact us at [email protected]